Do the Right Thing - While all human beings have different backgrounds and perspectives, we believe there is a basic, universal standard of right & wrong that everyone knows and should uphold: moral imperatives like don’t steal, don’t lie, and don’t use or abuse people. For this reason, we value character as the core of success & happiness. If who you are isn’t good and true, whatever you do will be toxic & worthless. 

Good isn’t Enough - Excellence is Essential - We are not satisfied with doing a good job, or creating a good product, or delivering a good performance. Excellence isn’t even our standard; it is our minimum requirement, and we will always push ourselves to go far beyond it. We will commit to any preparation, focus, effort, persistence, and determination that are necessary to out-perform and over-deliver in every area of life. We don’t want the results of our life and work to be satisfactory. We want them to be undeniably legendary. 

Be a Lifetime Student - We believe that if you think you know everything, you can’t learn anything. And if you can’t learn anything, you can’t improve. And if you can’t improve, you’re doomed to stagnation and, eventually, extinction. For this reason, we are relentless in pursuing more knowlege and experience. But we aren’t just looking to be informed. We’re seeking to be transformed. We are lifetime students who want to become masters of excellence, success, and happiness. 

Commit to Dominating - We believe that overachievers win, but that overachieving winners are committed to total domination. Whether it’s in business, sports, politics, or whatever, we don’t think it’s enough to be a standout among the successful. We want to run up the score, smash records, transcend even the elite performers, and exist in a class by ourselves. We believe that each of us should truly peruse being The Greatest Of All Time at whatever it is we choose to do; and while we recognize the value of competing with others, we blieve our #1 rival looks at us in the mirror every morning.  We will do everthing in our power to make sure the person we are today would easily and totally defeat the person we were yesterday. 

Create a Positive Impact - While our hard work & high standards will lead many of us to become wealthy & famous, we don’t make it our ultimate goal to seek the spotlight. Instead, our purpose is to positively impact everyone we meet. By striving to be models of excellence and providing value to the world, we will transform the course of history for good. 

Leadership Through Action - We believe a society only rises to the level of its leaders. The culture of any oranization or nation is only the extension of the character and actions of its leaders, and we believe there is only one turly effective way to lead: by example. Execution is everything. If our actions speak loudly, our influence will be heard all over the Earth. 

Hard Disipline - We don’t believe in a supernatural secret to success or special formula known only to a privileged elite. We believe success is the inevitable result of possessing an invaluable skill: discipline. Discipline is the cornerstone of mental toughness, that all-encompassing quality that gives us the ability to do hard things on a day-to-day basis. It is by cultivating habitual discipline in our lives that we complete tasks, acomplish goals, gain momentum, develop character, and achieve all our plans and dreams. 

Be Humble - We believe in humility, not false modesty. We believe in confidently acknowledging our gifts and accomplishments, but always recognizing that we have a long way to go and a short time to get there. We always recognize room for improvement. We know full well that we are not perfect, and that is why we always chase perfection.  


**These are Dan Kaercher's Core Values Not EXP Realty